PAREF Woodrose and Southridge students win medals in HK Olympic Math Contest 2012

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino students won a total of 125 medals in the 8th Asia Cup Stars of the Olympic Math Contest 2012 recently held in Hong Kong.

Young Filipino math wizards in Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of James Yu and MDAP

In a statement, Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines executive head Dr. Archival Rodriguez said the Philippine delegation won 14 gold, 52 silver and 35 bronze medals, as well as 24 merit awards in the competition.

Andrea Robang of PAREF Woodrose bagged the silver while Golden Sionil Sison of PAREF Southridge won the bronze.

Below is the full list of Filipino winners:


  1. Justin Timothy Uygongco - Iloilo Central Commercial High School
  2. Bryce Ainsley Sanchez- Grace Christian College
  3. Gyla Jane Nismal - Sto. Domingo Elementary School
  4. Allyana Coleen Reyes - Chiang Kai Shek College
  5. Albriz Moore Bagsic - Lilyrose School, Tanauan City
  6. Beatrice Mae Malvar - Elizabeth Seton School - South
  7. Kristine Bernadette Nunez - Colegio San Agustin - Binan
  8. Pamela Irisari - Butuan City SPED Center
  9. Wendell Lenard Ong - St. Stephen's High School
  10. Kylee Wiona Sy - Pace Academy
  11. Fedrick Lance Lim - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  12. Elijamin Wolfgang Claveria - Elizabeth Seton School - South
  13. Lorenz Matthew Tech - Pasig Catholic College
  14. Gene Go Jr. - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School


  1. Janssen Reign Pena - Mother Goose School, Urdaneta
  2. Lewis Ian Gonzales - Pasig Catholic College
  3. Trisha Danielle Sia - Chiang Kai Shek College
  4. Hance Louie Uy - Philippine Cultural College - Main
  5. Rexza Mae Panaligan - Sta. Barbara Central Elementary School
  6. Rikka Grace Sombiro - Solomon Integrated School De Iloilo
  7. Ron Lian Nikolaus Tan - Morning Star Montessori School Inc. (LB)
  8. Ma. Leibniz Charisse Parra - Saint Paul College, Pasig
  9. John Mark Andresio - Santa Barbara Elementary School
  10. Ryan Jericho Sy - Chiang Kai Shek College
  11. Al Patrick Castro - Pasig Catholic College
  12. Cris Magdalene Dela Cruz - Bolinao Integrated School
  13. Kyla Anjeli Resurreccion -SPED Center - Baguio
  14. Cyd Nicolas Santos - San Beda College Alabang
  15. Ronn Derick Simbol - BHC Educational Institution
  16. France Mathieu Tacderan - Elizabeth Seton School (Main)
  17. Szel Leeven Yu Embay - La Salle Academy
  18. Emmanuel Matthew Cornel - Santiago Cultural Institute
  19. Jonathan Conrad Yu - Philippine Christian Gospel School
  20. Ronald Reinier Labuguen - Muntinlupa Elementary School
  21. Theresa Denise Magsajo - Saint Paul College, Pasig
  22. John Ian Lenix Hingan - San Beda College Alabang
  23. Ma. Angeline Jumangit - Elizabeth Seton School - South
  24. Andrea Robang - PAREF Woodrose School
  25. Nico Angelo Sombiro - Solomon Integrated School De Iloilo
  26. Sunny Sy - Chiang Kai Shek College
  27. Lyra Winette Tamayo - Mother Goose School, Urdaneta
  28. Tiffany Mae Ong - Immaculate Conception Academy
  29. Cris Jericho Cruz - Puerto Princesa Pilot Elementary School
  30. Alvin Lyndon Sy - Iloilo Scholastics Academy
  31. Mathieu Raphael Alonzo - Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  32. Xuanye Li - Xavier School
  33. Johnavel Marie Ninoy - Bacolod Tay Tung High School
  34. Moses Christopher Carpio - Agoo Kiddie Special School
  35. Gelli Domingo - Young Shepherd's School
  36. Sean Christian Lim - Mother Goose School, Dagupan
  37. Christian Quinzon - San Beda College Alabang
  38. Daniel Tio - St. Stephen's High School
  39. Adrian Nathaniel Chua - Xavier School
  40. Shenelle Pamela Lim - Jubilee Christian Academy
  41. Junifer Sombilon Jr. - Butuan City SPED Center
  42. Guinevere Soria - Precious International School of Davao
  43. Luis Salvador Diy - Xavier School
  44. Andrew Vince Lee - Xavier School
  45. Anne Kaila Recio -Philippine Institute of Quezon City
  46. Kim Giwon - Learning Links
  47. Jeanette Rafallo - Agusan Del Sur Pilot Laboratory School (Bayugan)
  48. Shawn Gabriel Cabanes - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  49. Charity Justine Benignos - Trinity Christian School
  50. Edgar Laurrence Osis - Colegio San Agustin - Binan
  51. Hiraya Marcos - Philippine Cultural College-Main
  52. Benedict Del Rosario - Iligan City East Central School


  1. Lei Dojoan Toma Cruz - Dee Hwa Liong Academy
  2. Jodi Marcia Arcadio - Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  3. Gerick Andrei Barsatan - Tuguegarao West Central School
  4. Erin Nicole Blanche - Dee Hwa Liong Academy
  5. Wesley Gavin Palomar - Falcon School
  6. Margaux Francesca Lim - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  7. Derick Pan - Chiang Kai Shek College
  8. Ronnie Vience Roberto - Special Education for the Gifted
  9. Jansen Nina Serdoncillo - Elizabeth Seton School - South
  10. Stephanie Jhean Villaceran - Davao Central High School
  11. Joan Lyn Fadri - San Beda College Alabang
  12. Lord Danly Mafe - Colegio San Agustin-Binan
  13. Vincent John Ancermo - Pasig Catholic College
  14. John Lian Mar Catli - Tuguegarao West Central School
  15. Cheska Marina Hufano - Mother Goose School, Dagupan
  16. Jamina Matulac - St. Mary Mazzarello School
  17. Seth Gabriel Ricafort - Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  18. Randmar David Balleras - International British Academy
  19. Jennica Elia Dee - St. Paul University Philippines
  20. Erika Eunice Dumago - Ann Arbor Montessori
  21. Cathryn Therese Maala - La Marea School
  22. Mark Ely Namoro - La Salette Elementary
  23. Pancho Ruedas - Union Institute of Rosario
  24. Maxim Grace Sorongon - Children Integrated School of Alta Tierra
  25. Samantha Louise Wong - Philippine Institute of Quezon City
  26. Lyle Wenzel Tamayo - Mother Goose School, Urdaneta
  27. Golden Sionil Sison - PAREF Southridge School
  28. Jose Marco Antonio II - Silliman University SBE Elementary School
  29. Ryan Christopher Deodores - Colegio San Agustin-Binan
  30. Julyanne Gail Frilles - Bicol University College of Education - ILS
  31. Lance Joshua Irisari - Rainbow of Angels Learning Center
  32. Isaac Milo Muralla - Ateneo de Iloilo-Sta. Maria Catholic School
  33. Matthew Eric Tan - St. Stephen's High School
  34. Cristina Beatrice Mallari - Saint Paul College-Pasig
  35. Mark Jester Dela Rosa - JFK SPED Center Subic


  1. Liam Gene Cabrera - Living Spring Academy
  2. Jannica Allison Lim - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  3. Sam Rivkah Reiniery Valdecantos - Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  4. Ryanne Spencer Lim- Mother Goose School, Dagupan
  5. Francis Roy Albina - Silliman University SBE Elementary School
  6. Jose Miguel Antonio - Silliman University SBE Elementary School
  7. Andrea Leanna Chan - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  8. Marithea Laura Hufano - Mother Goose School, Dagupan
  9. Beatrice Christine Montemayor - BHC Educational Institution
  10. Andrea Sudario - St. Mary Mazzarello School
  11. Celine Amanda Montales - Colegio San Agustin-Binan
  12. Katrina Bianca Bandiola - SPED Antique Center
  13. Lorize Lorielle Dado - Iba Central School
  14. Danielle Alexis Pobre - St. Paul University Philippines
  15. Lance Kendrick Sebastian - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  16. Lancelot Bangug - St. Augustine's School
  17. Earvin Kristoffer Estioco - St. Mary's College of Quezon City
  18. Xil Lucia Guevara - Hold Child Education Center
  19. Justin Aaron Natividad - Elizabeth Seton School (South)
  20. Gene Paolo Ortiz - Santiago Cultural Institute
  21. Arman Dave Tan - Santiago Cultural Institute
  22. Pia Juneea Nebrada - Butuan City SPED Center
  23. Rufa Aizha Cunanan - Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  24. Gia Gemeno - JFK SPED Center Subic

Just recently, the Philippine delegation won a total of96 medalsin the International Mathematics Contest in Singapore.

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P-NOY dialogues with the Graduating Batch of PAREF Southridge

President Benigno S. Aquino III welcomed 101 graduating students of PAREF Southridge School for Boys for a post-SONA (State of the Nation Address) open dialogue held at Malacañang Palace.

The students of Southridge posted interesting questions to the President, which was equally received by the latter with enthusiasm in explaining the reforms that the administration is pushing for. Some of the topics discussed in the exchange centered on the K-12 basic education program, Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), anti-corruption campaign, job generation, agriculture and tourism initiatives.

A student also probed on how the President copes with the stress and criticisms being thrown at him. According to the President, there will always be an industry of critics and gossips. However, the President said that he draws satisfaction from his involvement in anything that improved the lives of the many.

“Why did I accept this job or this challenge to lead the people? I saw an opportunity. I could see an opportunity to radically transform this country and see the fruition of the dreams that were epitomized in EDSA,” the President said.

“When you live this world there has to be less problems for the next generation or otherwise you failed,” he added.

When asked on how he wanted to be remembered by the Filipino people, the President answered, “I really want to be able to say in my last speech before the nation, ang laki ng pinagbago ng bayan natin noh? And there will be changes… Pilipino ako kaya ko lahat ‘to, ito sana ang attitude and if I was a party to changing that attitude and leading towards transformation then I would say… kung tawagin ako ni Lord okay na ako kung masasabi ko lahat niyan. We had the opportunity, we seized the opportunity and it redounded really to that transformation of our people and our society.”



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DepEd Secretary Commends PAREF Board and Management

Last August 11, 2012, DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro gave the opening address during the PAREF Annual Meeting attended by the members of the various School Boards and Management Committees of all the PAREF schools in the country. Bro. Luistro departed from his prepared speech and instead spoke from the heart recalling how he understood the PAREF philosophy more when he witnessed how the PAREF parents supported his brother's family when his sister-in-law got sick and could not tend her children who were studying in PAREF schools. The PAREF model of parent involvement in school was a refreshing change from the usual Parent-Teacher Association one sees in schools, as the support went beyond the classroom and truly made a difference in the lives of the family members.


Soon after, he administered the oath of office to the new set of members and officers of the different PAREF schools.


PAREF also donated a substantial sum to DepEd for its Ten Moves project aimed at creating 10,000 classrooms for the public school system.

After the session, the members of the PAREF Southcrest School Board and Management Committee met with the Secretary who informed them that he was contemplating visiting schools in Cebu soon.

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Character Education Conference Held in AIM

A seminar on Character Education, organized by PAREF Woodrose, was held on September 21-22, 2012 at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Conference Center in Makati. The speaker was Dr. Thomas Lickona, author of the award-winning book, Educating for Character.  There were around 600 participants from different schools and universities.

Dr. Lickona is the leading authority and researcher on moral development and education. On the first day, he focused on “Integrating Excellence and Ethics for Success in School, Work and Beyond.” He discussed practical classroom and school wide strategies on how to teach character and academics at the same time.   On the second day of the seminar, Dr. Lickona talked about “Building Strong Families that Foster Good Character.”

The parents learned tips for creating loving families that teach good values.   A PAREF mother  commented, “The practical tips for raising children, such as one-on-one bonding with the child and regulating the use of media and technology, are very useful. And Dr. Lickona’s anecdotes were very relevant. “


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